How to make salt fish fritters/ cakes

How to make salt fish fritters/ cakes

Boil your salt fish, I change the water in mine 3 times for the salt to come out

Gather all your ingredients

Chop up half large onion and half scotch bonnet pepper

Boil 1 large potato

Once salt fish is cooked set aside to cool down

Flake you salt fish into small pieces, add your onion and pepper

Mash your potatoes and add to salt fish, also add a egg and a table spoon on flour. I seasoned with a little black pepper

Mix it all

Heat up your oil and spoon in 4 fish cakes at a time, I kept fire on medium!

Once fish cakes are nearly cooked they will rise. Just turn them and give it another minute

And yum yum they are ready, I like to eat them hot, but they could also be eaten cold.

If you do not want them got, substitute the scotch bonnet pepper parsley.

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