How to make 'bell pepper candy'

How to make 'bell pepper candy'

Wash your peppers.

Cut peppers in half lengthwise. Remove stems, seeds and white membranes

Slice peppers lengthwise into thin strips, no more than 1/2" wide. Try to make all the slices equal sizes, as best you can.

Cut the strips in half.

For each pepper, use 1 TBLS pure maple syrup. No fake corn syrupy substitute!

Pour syrup over your pepper slices

I like to cover the container and shake it to coats every slice.

Let the peppers marinate in the syrup for at least 20 minutes

Arrange pepper slices on your dehydrator trays, making sure they do not touch

Dry for about 24 hours, rotating trays halfway.

When they are ready they will be pliable, but dry

Store in an airtight container. Yum!

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