How to make a strawberry and apple crumble

How to make a strawberry and apple crumble

Place the butter and sugar in a pan and melt on a low heat

Add the apples and simmer for a couple of minutes

Add the strawberries and simmer for a further 5 minutes

Dd the fruit mix to your baking tray

Place the other butter, flour and sugar in a bowl and gently mix with your fingers into breadcrumbs

Like this :)

Pour mix on top of fruit and sprinkle with more muscavado sugar

I always put any left over crumble mix into a air tight coffee jar. It'll keep for a few days and you can make another crumble later on :)

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes on 180 until bubbling and golden

Serve hot with custard or cream :)

Watch the video: Strawberry Crunch Apple Slices . Tutorial (October 2021).