How to make hummus

How to make hummus

Drain chick peas. You can save the juice and use later or just use water. I have found that this brand is great for a smooth hummus. Great Value were hard and left it slightly "grittier". Not a bad...

thing though. Now for the hardest part of it, peeling the chick peas. Yes, you can leave them on but it won't be smooth. I'm afraid to try it the other way. Once you get into it doesn't take too long.

To do that just pinch them between your fingers and they come right off. I've tried to shake them like garlic between bowls. Didn't work. Don't give up. The texture is worth it!

Make sure you stir your tahini VERY well!

I take a 1/2 cup measuring cup and fill it almost full. If you like tahini you can use a full 1/2 cup. A lot of these measurements are based on flavor preference.

In a food processor add tahini and lemon juice. Spin for 30 seconds then scrap the bottom and sides and spin 30 more seconds. I don't count I just spin. You get the idea.

Scraping...Spinning the tahini separately whips it so it adds a lot of volume to the hummus.

Peel and roughly chop garlic. Add to food processor. Add 2 Tablespoons of oil. I used canola. The original recipe called for olive oil. So I'd imagine you can use whatever you have. Add cumin also.

This is where I say favor is what you want. If you like garlic add more. If you like cumin add more or visa versa. Also, you could add cayenne pepper or other flavorings you'd like.

Add half the chick peas and blend. Add water or your saved juice to get it to blend easier. Scrap and spin more. Add the rest and repeat.

Add water or juice until you get the consistency you like. Add salt to your taste. I'd put more then what some would like and I didn't measure but maybe start with a teaspoon or so.

Tada!!! You can kind of see the hummus on the right are with the Wal-Mart Chick Peas, it's sandy looking. They both taste yummy! Enjoy!

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