How to cook bbq teriyaki veggies

How to cook bbq teriyaki veggies

Turn your grill on high heat.

Gather your supplies.

Slice your veggies into bite size chunks and put in a bowl.

If you use a garlic clove, make sure to peel the skin off. :)

Slice the asparagus and add to the bowl.

Once everything is in a bowl, add desired teriyaki sauce. I use 2 tbsp, but you can use less or more.

Mix the veggies in the teriyaki sauce well.

Add your veggies to a pan and put on the grill. If you don't have a grill pan, you can use double tin foil.

After 4 mins on high heat, your veggies should be ready if you like crisper veggies. If you like softer veggies, stir at 3 mins and leave on for 6 mins.

Add your favorite main dish and enjoy. Pictured is tritip marinaded in the same teriyaki sauce.

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