How to make kombucha tea

How to make kombucha tea

Fill jar or jars about 3/4 full ( we need to leave room for the tea to breathe). Pour water into your large pot and bring to a boil.

Once your water is boiling, add your half cup of sugar and stir to completely dissolve. Next, add your 8 tea bags and allow mixture to cool.

Now that your sweetened tea mixture has cooled ( it needs to be cool so that the bacteria of the scoby doesn't die from from the heat) pour it into your glass jar(s)

To your now filled jar add reserved tea (1 cup per 1/2 gallon) and your scoby. Place your cloth over mouth of jar and rubber band to secure.

Place your jar in safe place out of direct sun, cool temps, drafts and fluctuating temperatures.

The amount of time it takes for your tea to brew depends on many factors mainly taste. The longer the tea brews the less sweet it will be. Taste your tea daily after a week of brewing to check if done

When your tea is done to your taste wash your hands and remove your scoby along with reserved 2 cups liquid and start a new batch.

Here is a gallon of kombucha tea that i have been brewing for 1 week. You can grow your own scoby or buy one. You can also buy a kit online to begin brewing.

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