How to make home made apple sauce

How to make home made apple sauce

Gather your apples- use about 7 or more for a good amount.

Gather your tools- pot, peeler, corer, knife and cutting board.

Take the core out of all the apples! After that is finished peel and cut. Cut the apples in small pieces, the smaller the pieces the less chunky your sauce will be.

Move apple pieces to your pot, and head to the stove :)

Next you're going to add the water. Fill about half way up the level of you apples.

Like this... Just enough so you can see peaking through the layers.

Turn the heat on, and up to about medium heat. Let the apples cook for about 5-10 mins before you stir or add anything in.

After 5-10 mins give it a quick stir. Then add your cinnamon, no amount is right or wrong. Add what you think will taste best! Stir well! If you are not a fan of cinnamon, don't add any at all.

After you add the cinnamon leave alone for 3-5mins. Then add your sugars. Any amount you think will taste best & again you don't have to add any at all. I use half a cup of brown & a few tbls of white

Then just let it cook with a lid on. Stirring every 10 mins or so. Gradually turn your heat down to low, once it gets a good simmer going. Dont want it cooking to fast!

I like mine with a few chunks in it! :) Once you get it to a thickness you like, take away from heat and let cool. Once cooled ENJOY! :)

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