How to make standing minnie mouse fondant cake topper

How to make standing minnie mouse fondant cake topper

To make the shoes. Cut in the colored fondant in two.

This would be the shoe (big one) and the heels (small one)

The shoes.

Making the shoes ribbon.


The shoes with the ribbon.

The shoes and the legs of Minnie Mouse.

Color the chopstick black. Put the half of the chopstick in the middle of the legs.See photo.

Cut a rectangular black colored fondant and wrap it in the legs and chopstick, this will hold the leg and the fondant together.

Cut 2 or 3 white fondant circle please photo.

Using the this tool make or follow the picture

Put it in the waist. And by using toothpick raise the lace by sticking the toothpick on the waist.leave it until it's dry. If u can see i only use 2 lace :)

Make the body.

Make a big round red fondant lace and top it up on the body and waist. See photo.

Using this for belt.

Flat it with the rolling pin.

Do it like this.

Make a circle

Make an eight

Flat it like this using....

This to give design. :)

Stick it to the belt.

Using the piping tip make a small circle for the polka dots of the skirt.

Stick the white dots unto the skirt (front and back)

Look the photo. To make the collar follow the next picture.

Minnie Mouse Ears.

The mouth and the ears.

The eyes. Remember don't put eyebrow to make Minnie Mouse face look charming :) or it's up to you!

Minnie's head ribbon


The gloves

Use the following tools to curve the gloves

Make 2 yellow ribbon for the sleeves :)


Watch the video: HOW TO MAKE MINNIE MOUSE WITH TUTORIAL CAKE TOPPER u0026 FREE TEMPLATE. Cold Porcelain. Fondant (October 2021).