How to make light coconut frosting

How to make light coconut frosting

Whip the cream but make sure you don't overdue. If yes, don't worry, just discard the juice and you have perfect butter:-)

In a smaller saucepan pour the water, add the gelatin and let it bloom for a minute. Then start warming it on low heat, until gelatin dissolves. Turn off the heat, add a little whipped cream, mix it.

Mix the flour and the milk together in a pot, warm it while whisking continuously until bechamel thickens, take off the heat, add the coconut and let it cool. Add the gelatin mix.

Gently mix the ingredients together, make sure you don't over mix, otherwise whipped cream will break down.

Fill your cake with the cream. I usually do 2-3 layers among thin cake.

Cover the cake and decorate as you wish! Make sure to keep the cake in the fridge! Remember, this is real cream, not vegetable based whip.

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