How to make laccha paratha

How to make laccha paratha

Make dough for this paratha with whole wheat flour , salt and water ( i use milk at times instead of water it makes parathas really soft but adding milk is really optional). Stand the dough for 2 hrs

Take a lemon size ball of dough and roll it in dry flour and start to roll

Roll it big 8 inch diameter

Chop coriander and mint together fine

Add some oil on rolled dough and spread with hand or spoon

Add sesame seeds on it and pinch of salt

Add chopped coriander and mint mix

Now the tough part is folding the rolled dough in a paper fans like structure as shown

And then roll it as shown

Now using the rolling pin roll it to half the original size

Put it on medium high heat non stick pan

And roast it by adding bit of oil on either side and pressing slighly using the back of spoon . So all the layers come to life

Final this is how it looks have it with curd and indian mango pickle

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