How to make easy apple cider!

How to make easy apple cider!

Plug in your crock pot. I'm just using a mini-sized pot because I'm only making a few cups. If you're having a party or want to make a big batch, use a full size crock pot.

Pour your cider into your pot. Obviously since I'm already starting with pre-made apple cider, my spices are only going to enhance the flavor. If you want, you could start with plain apple juice.

These are my aspen cider spices. They are the best! I got them on Amazon. A whole container mixes with a gallon of cider so a half container would mix with a half gallon.

This is what they look like, in case you've never seen them before. They smell DELICIOUS!

Since I'm using my tiny crock pot, I am just pouring in a little at a time and stopping to taste. You should experiment with how much spice to use with your juice/cider to get that perfect taste!

Stir to mix. Let it get nice and warm in the crock pot, then ladle and serve! I realize this is not a fancy recipe, it is really just meant to be quick and easy for those chilly, rainy fall days.

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