How to make a 4 dollar halloween wreath!

How to make a 4 dollar halloween wreath!

This is everything. (Extra bird in the picture) All items were purchased from Dollar Tree. One wreath is $4 and taxes. I thought to make this guide once I had already started.

Wrap the cloth around the foam wreath. Securing by wrapping around the ends. The flowers will help secure it too.

Cut open the stem to pull the roses out one by one. These bouquets had spiders on them. I took them off for my son to play with.

Decide where you want to place them. Push stem through and wrap around and stick the end in the wreath. Repeat until you have your desired bundle.

These birds have the wire ends to stick in the wreath.

Put the bird wherever you want.

Tadah! It looks very dark. I think I'm going to add red roses to this one. The next one I make will have a lighter cloth. :)

Watch the video: Halloween Crafts: Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath (October 2021).