How to make mason jar lid banner

How to make mason jar lid banner

Gather your supplies. This banner will say "Home Sweet Home", but you can adjust for anything you would like!

Using small and large lids, draw an outline of two small circles on each pattern of paper

Cut out all the circles

Double stick tape the paper to each of the tops of the lids

Using the extra paper, cut 1/4" strips and fold them into quarters. Then form them into a square and tape the ends together

Using the paper square blocks you made, attach the letters for both the HOME words to the small paper circles using double stick tape

Using 6" lengths of bakers twine, tie together in this order: 4 small lids, 5 large lids and then 4 small lids

Hot glue the paper circle lids into the inside of the outer circle of the lids

Spray paint each of the larger lids with a fun color of spray paint

Hot glue the large lid tops into the outer circles.

Hot glue the clothespins onto the top of the 5 large lids. Insert the "sweet" letters.

Hang on your mantle! You can use any 5-letter word in place of "sweet"- maybe crazy, or silly? Have fun!

Watch the video: How to Make Mason Jar Lid Ornaments with Screen Printing. Cricut, Silhouette, Vinyl (October 2021).