How to draw a realistic eye with depth

How to draw a realistic eye with depth

Start with the outline. Because the outline will most likely be smudged off when I start shading carefully and lightly retrace the lines... To draw this I used a mechanical pencil.

Get some powder lead or draw a patch of it and take a fluffy brush and coat your eye in a few layers if it.

Like this:)

Use your finger or...

A small brush to start forming the shape of the eye by defining the darker areas!

Like this!

Smooth and blend out the drawing.

To get this!

This is the knead eraser that I used to do highlights and touchups!

This is how I touched mine up...

Then fix your shading...

Redraw your outlines that have disappeared:)

Fill in the darkest areas like the pupil, shadow on the upper part of the iris and the crease of the eyelid.

Draw spokes coming from the pupil and shade a small part of the bottom of the eye...

Draw darker shades on the iris like so:)

I used a homemade tortillian for small shading...

Using the tortillian, I added shading to the upper eyeball and smoothed the entire drawing out!

I began working on the skin. I put tones into the eyelid and the skin surrounding it.

I used the tortillian to smooth out the harsh lines and then fixed some of the lines that got covered up!

Then I worked on the shadows of the lower part of the skin... Then I sketched in the eyebrows lightly.

I took the small brush and brushed out the eyebrow.

Then I filled it back in.

I added eyelashes like so! Darker at the roots and lighter at the tips!

I also drew the reflections of the eyelashes on the highlight of the iris.

Then I drew in the lower lashes.

I fixed some shading...

Like this:)

Fix your highlights...

Smooth everything out...

You're done!

Youre done!

Youre done!

Youre done!

You're finished with your eye;)

Leave ?s comments and or suggestions for my next guide! Please follow:) and thank you for viewing! -<3- Rose

Watch the video: Timelapse. Drawing, shading a realistic eye and teardrop with graphite pencils. Emmy Kalia (October 2021).