How to make bending poles

How to make bending poles

You'll need some quick set cemet

6 buckets that hold roughly 2L

6 long pieces of plumbers pipe - make sure that they're 1.8 metres long

You can have some coloured tape to wrap around the tops of the poles

Put some screws in the bottom of the poles to add some anchorage

Lay the buckets out ready to put the poles and cement in.

Put the poles in the buckets vertically strait and put the cement in the bucket and around the pole.

Read the instructions on how much water to put in the cement and divide how much water by six.

Find a stick and mix the cement and water together so there is no dry or powdery cement left over.

It should look like this in the end. Continue with the rest of the buckets.

And your done! Enjoy weaving in and out of these poles with your horse.

Watch the video: What a week of Training Can Do-Pole Bending Week 1 (October 2021).