How to make awesome chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

How to make awesome chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Get the best ingredients you can afford. Take eggs and butter out to warm to room temperature. If you have no time to let the butter warm as a stick, cut it up and leave in bowl for 5-10 min instead.

Secret ingredient - borsari orange ginger salt instead of normal salt

If you are a beginner, packed brown sugar means pressing the sugar into the spoon to get a compact block. This is in contrast to unpacked where you just scoop and level.

Mix the sugar and butter first before adding other ingredients. Sift the sugar if it has a lot of large crystals.

Now add the eggs, vanilla extract and cinnamon powder. To measure accurate teaspoon, you need to level off the spoon. I use the long handle of desert spoon to do that.

Mix with electric handmixer or manual hand whisk, whatever works. It looks pretty disgusting at this point but probably smells pretty good if you have good vanilla and cinnamon.

Don't be alarmed. I was making two batches together, which was NOT a good idea. Put the baking soda in the flour and then sift. Helps to mix up the baking soda. And I have thrown in my special salt.

Mix in the flour with handmixer. I realize later I had flour pockets. So make sure you give them a good mix.

Chocolate chips had been added and mixed in before adding rolled oats. This is why it was a bad idea to make two batch at the same time unless you have a much bigger bowl.

You can start making your cookie drops. To freeze the dough, I learned that you will want roll it in waxed paper first, so that the dough can be cut. You can turn the oven on to 350 Fahrenheit now.

Packed round batter. I use two spoons, and transfer the dough between them. Or just pick up the right amount and pack it in your hand. Learn recently pressing it will help the cookie spread nicely.

Loose dropped batter. If you have really solid butter, this should be good.

Bake for about 10 min. Adjust based on your oven and I'll say 30s can make a lot of difference.

I bake mine for 9.5 min and then take it out to cool for five min or more before scraping them off to cool on the wire rack

Flattened out cookie.

Packed round batter vs loose dropped batter

If needed, refrigerate the batter in between loading and unloading the cookies. Warm batter yields flat miserable biscuits.

Like the one on top. I verified that it still taste good though!

Transfer to plate when completely cool to make space on the rack. Enjoy the cookies NOW!

Best way to enjoy a cookie is to heat it for 30s in the microwave with a glass of water. It will warm the cookie and melt the chocolate...

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