How to make cupcake surprise

How to make cupcake surprise

I used a yellow box cake mix. So, you will need is 3 eggs, 1 cup of water and 1/3 cup if vegetable oil.

Also need a bowl, cake mix, cupcake liners (optional) and a cupcake pan.

Add in the 3 eggs


And oil.

Mix! If only you could smell the cake mix! Soooo good!

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

My mother told me once,"if you mix store bought frosting, mix it to make it fluffy." Which I did and it does! You won't have to waste half the container.

Here is the candy I used as the "surprise"!!!! These candy were quit big, but I was able to fit 3. Which was find with me because candy corn only has 3 colors. But if you want more use smaller one.

Here are my baked cupcakes. I had more baking in the oven. Anyway, let the cupcakes cool down.

Here comes the fun part....

To help cut in deeper to get a better circle,then use the knife to take the top out,cut the top circle in half and the.Take the candy,put them in the empty circle and put the top back on the cupcake

Here are my finish product. They are easy to make and great to eat!These are great of any party! So have fun!

Watch the video: LOL Surprise CupCakes (October 2021).