How to make moroccan rib stew

How to make moroccan rib stew

Cut the rib in smaller pieces. Take out a frying pan or similar to fry the meat before cooking it with the other ingredients.

Add the meat a few pieces at a time.

Brown them and place in a bowl or similar with a lid to keep warm.

While the meat is browned, in a small bowl, mix sugar with cumin..



..and salt and black pepper.

Fry the onion and garlic for a minute or so.

Add the meat and stir.

I forgot some of the garlic earlier so here the rest was added. Stir again.

Stir in the spice mix. Add water and broth.

Also add tomato paste. I ran out so I also adddd some chili sauce.

Now boil for 1 hour. Meanwhile....

...cut/slice an orange, without getting any of the white nasty stuff on it (how to do it is a separate guide that will be uploaded very soon). Save the juice. It will be added at a later stage.

Once the meat has cooked for 1 hour, add the apricots. Preferably use apricots without sulphur dioxide. The darker apricot is without sulphur dioxide and sweeter, but lasts shorter.

Boil for another 40 minutes after adding the apricots.

Then add the carrots, and boil for another 20 minutes. If you prefer boiling the meat longer add the carrots later or they will be mushy.

The carrots give some extra color and texture to the dish.

At the same time as you add the carrots also boil some water for the bulgur. I added turmeric powder to give the dish some extra color. When ready to serve, scope the bulgur onto a plate.

Here's the juice from the orange. Now pour it in the pot with the meat just before you turn off the heat on the stove.

Add the rib stew and serve with the orange slices. The flavors on your tongue will easily take you to the groves with the Argan trees or to the ocean view in Essaoiura on Morocco's long coast line.

Watch the video: Thermomix Ambassador Victor Vito - Moroccan lamb stew (October 2021).