How to make baked stuffed tomatoes

How to make baked stuffed tomatoes

Empty out the tomatoes as shown in pic

Grind the pulp taken out of the tomatoes

Take olive oil in pan add cumin and garlic. Fry them for a minute on low heat

Add the red chilli flakes. I like it spicy so i added it more :). Adjust as per you taste

Add chopped basil leaves

Pureed tomatoes pulp

Add the puree to the pan mix well add some sugar salt and pepper to it

Finally add soaked rice into it

Let it simmer till the rice gets cooked

When rice almost done wait till moisture is lost

Pre heat the oven at 170 deg and then stuff the tomatoes with hot rice using spoon. Apply some olive oil on the outside ot tomatoes and put it in the oven

Once the tomatoes are half done put some cheese on it and put in oven for 5min till it melts. Total time in oven is around 10-14 min depending on size of tomatoes. using a knife to know if its done

Finally when it comes out

When you cut it open

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