How to create a bowl from copy paper

How to create a bowl from copy paper

Just a regular sheet of paper

Cut to make an even square

Decorate!!! I prefer to use oil pastels because they blend nicer but you can use crayons if you want. I wouldn't recommend markers though, they smudge under water.

Don't forget to do the back!

Take your bowl of water and a q tip and throughly on both sides so the paper is limp.

Now that your paper is wet, take a q tip and do the same exact thing with glue, except only rub the glue on the side you want facing out

Drape glue side up over coffee can and secure with rubber band. Wait until completely dry to do next step!

Once completely dry, gently remove the rubber band and slide off coffee jar. You have a bowl!

Don't put away your glue yet; now we have to coat the inside! Apply a light coat of glue to the inside of the bowl to prevent oil from the crayons and pastels from getting all over your things.

Ta da! Beautiful! Now you have a little bowl to put whatever small objects you have into. Be careful though, they are not waterproof ;)

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