How to make turkey stuffing

How to make turkey stuffing

Add the savory and the onion to the pieces if bread and mix it together.

The amount of savory and onion depends on personal taste. You may also add celery or apple if you like extra crunch or sweetness in your stuffing.

Melt the butter and mix it together with the orange juice.

Pour a little bit of the liquids into the dry ingredients. Mix it through with your hands. Keep adding until the mixture is damp.

Form small balls of stuffing and push it into the large cavity of the turkey.

Fill the cavity until there is a little space left. If you have extra stuffing you can fill the small cavity of the bird.

Take the last piece of bread and place it over the stuffing. This will prevent the stuffing from drying out. You will not need to tie the cavity closed if you use this method.

Cook the turkey until the breast temperature is 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you are ready to carve the turkey, remove and discard the piece of bread. Use a large spoon to scoop out the dressing into a serving bowl.


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