How to make brown sugar bourbon carrots with honey butter

How to make brown sugar bourbon carrots with honey butter

Start with some good ingredients.

Combine your sugar and salt with carrots into the boiling water.

Bring back to a boil and mix occasionally for 5 minutes.

Get your brown sugar and butter into the pan.

Meanwhile.... The grill is prepping for some protein!

Drain about half the water out out the boiling carrots and add to the pan with brown sugar and butter. Mix to coat and cook for about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. I add half the bourbon now.

I added 2 tbl of honey butter and melted into the carrots and cooked another couple minutes.

Now I spill an extra couple of ounces of Jim Beam to the pan, and drink the other double shot.

Charring my protein...

Allow the carrots to begin to caramelize before plating immediately.

Enjoy with a nice apple wood grilled steak and some homemade mashed potatoes. I'll post a simple recipe for the best mashed potatoes you'll ever eat later.

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