How to find newcastle's extraordinary doors

How to find newcastle's extraordinary doors

Leave the Metro at Haymarket, proceed down Northumberland St

Northumberland Street, Newcastle's main shopping street, until 1974 part of the A1, the main road connecting London and Edinburgh, now pedestrianised.

look for Nobles Amusement Arcade, move closer....

..even closer, then look up. amazing!

Walk for 2 minute down to Pilgrim Street, look for 'John Gerard'.

....move closer to the door..

Scarey! Not the kind of Pilgrimage the city founders had in mind!

Next walk down Grey Street, recently voted England's most beautiful street, near the corner with Mosley St, notice this doorway...

...close up it's dazzling

Walk around the corner, Mosley Street, first street in the world illuminated by electricity..

...same building, different entrance, another spectacular door.

But wait, did you notice? You walked past this.

Mosley Street was once full of banks, like Wall Street. Some of the banks have been gone a long time, whilst others...

Like the Allied Irish Bank only left recently, but the doorways remain.

Still on Mosley Street, the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, here long before the Banks. Newcastle's tallest building for 395 years.

Hidden behind the church, yes that is a vampire bunny on top of the door.

Mosley Street ends, Collingwood Street begins, at number 2, another ex bank

...with a neat door, Northern Assurance contributed $2.5 Million dollars after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906, the largest insurance payout ever at the time

Further along a bar - diner - cafe

Notice the 'B', it was for Barclays, bank that is. Step inside, please step inside!

Time for a coffee, and to gaze at this wonderful ceiling. Three more doors to go, just step ....

....outside and look across, The Literary and Philosophical Society, open to all, largest independent library outside London. In 1880 hosted first demo of the electric light bulb.

Next to the Lit and Phil, Bolbec Hall, dig the crazy columns.

Finally the craziest door of all, but don't walk underneath!

These guys can't hold it up for ever!

A two minute walk back to the Metro at Central Station

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