How to hide apps & folders-ios 7 (no jailbreak required)

How to hide apps & folders-ios 7 (no jailbreak required)

So you have the new iOS 7 update and while your checking out all the cool new features, I'm going to show you a guide on how to hide any apps or folders on your home screen. No jailbreak required.

Why would you want to do this? Because some apps are stuck on the device without being able to be deleted and take up screen space. Also you can hide it from prying eyes such as partners or parents.

Fill your home screen full of apps. Doesn't matter if it's folders or just plain apps just make sure there is at least one folder and it can be placed anywhere except the last spot of the home screen.

Fill home screen

One folder on home screen.

If you don't know how to move your apps. You tap and hold any app or folder and when they all start to jiggle you then can drag the app or folder wherever you want.

Now. Place all your stock apple apps into a folder (or just put any folder or any one app you want hidden) and place it anywhere on the dock.

One folder on the dock. (or can be just a single app)

Now let's hide it.

You will need to be kind of quick for this. Tap and hold the app or folder (on the dock) and push the home button twice AT THE SAME TIME.

Once the multitasker pops up you'll want to TAP the home screen to get back to the home screen.

Notice how the folder is slightly larger than the rest of the other apps? GOOD that means it's working.

Next. While all the apps are still jiggling... You want to tap on that folder we added to the home screen in the first steps of the guide.

Now TAP back outside of the folder to exit back to home screen. (do not press home button to exit folder or it won't work, read my new guide on what pressing the home button does while doing this).

The app may still linger until you press the home button to finalize. Then it will disappear and be hidden.

Done and done. That was easy.

Again this works with any app too.

The apps are still searchable from spotlight as well.

And that's how you hide your apps. To get them back you just reboot your device by holding the power and home button down for a couple of seconds or sync your iOS device with iTunes.

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