How to master infinite folders in ios 7 (no jailbreak)

How to master infinite folders in ios 7 (no jailbreak)

Basically you can have endless amounts of folders inside folders inside folders inside folders x(times) infinity!

I recently showed you how to hide any app or folder on iOS 7 and now I want to show you how to put a folder inside another folder.

This can come in handy to free up space and to categorize different folders such as games.

Almost The Same Method As My Last Guide. Now decide which folders going to be the your main folder.

Choose a main folder and a subfolder which will be the folder to go inside of the main folder. And they can be anywhere on the device but just make sure they are on the same page.

Main folder

One sub-folder.

Now tap and hold the sub-folder and press the home button twice at the same time.

Now you want to tap back to the home screen.

Tap inside the main folder and then press the home button to move the subfolder you chose.

And to take the folder back out of the main folder you just drag-and-drop.

And that's it hope you like.

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