How to cook lemon asparagus

How to cook lemon asparagus

Prepare your asparagus

Find the hard end of the asparagus; you should be able to feel where it starts

Hold on either side between two fingers on both hands and do the "bend and snap" ! :) It knows where to break on its own leaving only the tender bit behind; there's no need to use a knife

Do this with all of your asparagus; discard the hard ends an rinse the asparagus you will use under cold water

Smash your garlic by placing the flat side of your knife directly in top of a clove of garlic and pressing down on it with the palm of your hand

Toss garlic into preheated grill pan

Then asparagus

Then dress with salt and lemon juice (*note: you can also toss in thick sliced rings of lemon as well; I only had lemon juice on hand)

Keep mixing the ingredients in the pan and adding more lemon juice (there can never be enough lemon juice!)

They're looking ready! Taste one to tell - you don't want to overcook them; they are ready when they are a vibrant, green color

Place asparagus and garlic in side dish; dress with more lemon juice, olive oil, and salt to taste - these will become more flavorful the longer you let them sit and absorb flavor

Yum! Crunchy, lemony grilled asparagus. Remember, this can be serve hot or chilled in the fridge an served as a salad. Feel free to like my guide and follow me for more simple, delicious recipes! :)

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