How to make a pop-up tribal mask

How to make a pop-up tribal mask

Print the template out onto your chosen card. Be sure to choose borderless printing if possible. Can also be traced onto speciality papers.

Fold in half, design on the outside.

Place on a soft surface and score the lines to create perforations. I prefer the back of a butter knife. Make sure the perforations appear on both sides.

Still folded, cut along the solid lines.

Unfold the paper. Turn over.

Using the perforations, loosely fold the mask into shape- dotted lines folded towards you, dashed folded away.

Colour your mask with paint or metallic markers. Symmetry is important in African masks so colour one half first.

Copy your design to the remaining side.

Refold your design, starting with the cheek folds (optional).

Turn over and tape the top and bottom corners together. The length of tape will determine the shape of the mask. You can also attach it to a piece of backing card.

Your finished mask is now ready to hang. Enjoy!

Watch the video: Pop-up Tribal Mask (October 2021).