How to cook korean fried soy-garlic chicken knees.

How to cook korean fried soy-garlic chicken knees.

Ingredients | I forget putting salt and wheat flour in this picture ;)

Chopped , Minced and cut all of ingredient. In addition, I smashed ginger and some of garlic with meat hammer, and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Mixed it together! and let's go to next step >>>

Cleaned these chicken and combine with 1 tbs of wheat flour

Ok, the flour looks blended ...

Frying chicken in hot oil until it becomes yellow-gold. Do not take long time!!

Finished 1st time fried

place 2 tbs of flour and soy-garlic mixture to fried chicken knees, which drained excess oil, until dissolve.

Frying chickens in previous step, It is 2nd time fried; moreover, chicken will be crispy , crunchy and chewy with this step.

Draining excess oil again ...

Boom! Enjoys :D

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