How to take off glitter polish- tin foil method

How to take off glitter polish- tin foil method

Okay. There is two coats of Essie Set in Stone under a sheer polish.

Have tin foil, acetone, and cotton balls. Tear your tin foil into squares.

Dip or cover your cotton ball into acetone. Try not to make it all drippy. And you can use acetone free polish remover, acetone works faster.

Press the cotton ball onto your nail.

Wrap a piece of tinfoil completely around your finger. Leave it on for at least five minutes.

When you take the tin foil off, press it on your nail and like... Twist and rub it off your nail. It helps take off the glitter too.

Looks like that.

Make sure you use cuticle cream (I used Burt's Bees Lemon Butter cream) or cuticle oil. Or something to moisturize. Because acetone is super drying. And my nails are yellow b/c I paint them everyday.

Watch the video: How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish - Foil Method (October 2021).