How to make a moisturizing lip balm

How to make a moisturizing lip balm

Hello there! In this guide, I will be showing you how to make your own lip balm. This works great for chapped and dry lips! Enjoy!

Here are your supplies. You will need olive oil, a container, lip stick, Chapstick, Vaseline, and extract.

Put all ingredients into a bowl and microwave them for about 40 seconds (depending on your microwave).

When all of the ingredients are melted, pour it into a container. I am using this empty medicine bottle but anything works.

After pouring the ingredients into the container, screw on the lid/ top and let it sit in a freezer for about and hour. You may need to use a lip brush with your finished product.

Thank you for checking out this guide! I can't thank you enough! Tell me if this works! Have an amazing day!

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