How to make recycled homecoming mums

How to make recycled homecoming mums

You will need 2 of these.

Cut many strips of paper.

Make a petal by twisting and gluing a short strip of paper. JUST A DOT!

Hold 10 seconds. If you used too much glue then you get to hold much longer.



Add more.

Tada, it's flower-ish. This flower is just an option. You may make a flower however you want.

More strips.

More petals.

The second circle.

Ever make one of these?

Texturizing strips.

Curly Qs

Add streamers.

Trim with interesting tips.


Use more glue to adhere flower to streamers.

Add a few small designs with glue and use glitter over glitter box!

Shake it out over glitter box. Can you guess the purpose of the glitter box?

Cut a strip of fabric the width do a close pin.

Hot glue near top of mum, on the back.

Glue down clothes pin.

Oooooo, aaaaaaawe.

Now be a trend-setter!

Watch the video: Homecoming mum ribbon flowers; DIY HOMECOMING MUMS; how to make homecoming mums (October 2021).