How to make a mini matchbook album for instagram

How to make a mini matchbook album for instagram

A glance at the supplies used in this DIY.

Trim the cardboard paper down to be 12″ x 5″. This makes 2 covers w/ 1 piece of 12×12 cardboard. Fold it at the 5″ mark & again at the 10″ mark. The 2″ flap will fold over to make it a matchbook.

Cut the extra cardboard paper into a circle to use for the rings outside of the album. Trim down the inside pages to be 10″ x 5″.

Line up the inside pages with the cardboard paper. Use a needle or something sharp to make 2 holes in the center of inside pages and the cardboard paper. Take the twine to tie it all together.

Making this project with kids? Skip the previous step & staple it down! Use the brad to adhere the circles in the front flap & towards the center of the cover. Attach twine to open & close the flap.

Watch the video: Tutorial: How to create a folding mini album (October 2021).