How to make chipotle chicken fiesta

How to make chipotle chicken fiesta

You can use either one.

You need 1 cup to marinate your chicken

Cut your bell pepper and red onion

Cut half of your tomato, all your cilantro, and garlic. Cut 1/4 of your onions in small pieces.

Diced half your tomato, onions, cilantro, and garlic, into small pieces into a separate bowl. All you have to do is add your salsa into this mix.

I used green salsa and add it to all my ingredients.

You need the chipotle butter for chicken and truffles for the veggies

You will need these ingredients after you cook your chicken

Cut your bell pepper and the rest of your onions ready for grilling/sautéed

Heat your pan but do not add oil. Let it sit for 3 minutes until you see it a lil brown.once you are ready to take it out, add your truffle butter.

It should look like this then you are ready to take it out.

Cut your breast chicken into thin cut not small pieces.

Marinate your chicken with your 1 cup of fajita sauce for about 15 minutes.

Then put it on you heated pan without oil so you can have a grill effect. Let the chicken cook for 1 minute each side.

It should look like this when both sides are cooked.

Take it out and cut it into thin slices. It should look like this. Only the outside is cook and the inside is still a bit raw.

Closer look

Add 1 tsp of chipotle butter

Add your chicken and mixed it until your chicken is fully cooked.

It should look like this no raw or pinkish meat showing. It's approximately about 1 more minute to fully cook the chicken without drying it.

Line them up according to how the taste should be.

I used both soft and hard taco shells. First add your grilled veggies, onions and bell pepper.

Then add your chicken

Add your salsa

Add your guacamole

Then your sour cream

Then your cheese and voilah you have made yourself a chipotle chicken fiesta.

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