How to cut marshmallows w/o "stickage"

How to cut marshmallows w/o

This method will not alter the taste of your marshmallows. It just prevents them from sticking everywhere once you cut into them :) this really comes in handy when cutting them to put into hot coco

Here's all the supplies you need! (Don't worry about the water in the background)

Spoon a small amount (about a teaspoon) of cornstarch onto the cutting board

Roll the marshmallow in it to get just a light coating around the marshmallow.

Stick your knife into the cornstarch or rub some onto the blade.

It should look like this

Cut the marshmallow! You may need to re-dip the knife a couple of times. Once you cut into the marshmallow you can roll the cut side in the cornstarch to prevent sticking.

All done! This is what one whole marshmallow cut into.

And into my hot chocolate they go.

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