How to make hot buttered rum

How to make hot buttered rum

Batter up! Making this Christmassy little number is a 2 part process. First, make lots of spiced batter (so you scan make lots of tasty beverages) So gather your ingredients, except rum and cream!

Let the vanilla ice cream melt and get to room temp and pour into mixing bowl.

Let the butter soften and come up to room temp. Mix with electric mixer.

Get the spices and vanilla extract all in one place. Measure out as stated in the stuff needed bit and whack it into the mix.

Whip it up into the creamy deliciousness that is apparent in this photo...

Look at the mess you have made.

Insert one glass of red into face hole.

Add icing sugar and mix with the leccy whisk. Taste to make sure it reminds you of Christmas, and be proud of the mess you have made :)

Get a stemmed glass add 3 generous teaspoons of your batter, 35ml of your rum of choice, and some boiling water. Stir till smooth. Leave a little room for cream on top.

Begin to feel even more pride in your mess, safe in the knowledge you made Christmas happen in a motherflipping wine glass.

Whip up some whipping cream by hand. Pour into glass over the back of a bar spoon. Grate fresh nutmeg over the top. Et voila!! Un tres Bon hot buttered rum!

Consume :D Enjoy!

Don't forget to Instagram the hell outta your accomplishment....

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