How to make an easy recycled iphone multi-accessory

How to make an easy recycled iphone multi-accessory

Love these square shaped bottles sold at Target or Wal-Mart/Sam's Club.

Scissors & box cutter or knife will be all you need. Oh, and a careful steady hand :)

Start by cutting a hole to allow for scissor cutting.

Cut straight across the bottle one time.

After your cross cut you can round or straight cut to the top of the bottle.

Cut straight across one time as shown.

Turn bottle and cut straight across the next side.

Turn bottle and cut across one final time then cut down and across making a 3sided window.

Cut top of bottle off. I used the three sided cut out piece to prop my phone in the landscape direction and it made an excellent holder to watch movies and videos with.

Use your case to mark where the cut-out window for your camera should be.

Use knife again to cut the opening.

This was my first one, I learned how to neaten up the subsequent ones!

See how easy this is to stabilize your iPhone to take photos for all your snapguides? Just a light touch to the screen and you're capturing! Easy to take videos too.

Rear view of camera window.

Go ahead and clean up your cutting to make smoother clean lines if desired. This also makes an incredible speaker enhancer because the sound bounces up and out! How cool is that?

Enjoy! Creative recycling is virtually limitless.

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