How to cook amazing pork & gravy for under 10 bucks.

How to cook amazing pork & gravy for under 10 bucks.

Some good looking pork!

I used a 3 pound Boston butt roast (front) that I got on sale for $2.26! Plus a couple of random cheap chops that I had in the freezer. Season meat both sides with salt, pepper, sage, & olive oil

Roast meat on 425 for about an hour. Once cooked, remove any crunchy skin or thick fat caps that might be on the meat and discard.

Scrape all of the brown bits off the pan and pour them, along with any oil and cooking juices, into a dish. Refrigerate while you continue with the dish.

Put the meat into a cast iron pot. If you don't have cast iron, a big soup pot will work, just be careful that nothing sticks or burns.

Chop a medium sized onion and mince 3-4 cloves of garlic.

Add onion, garlic, 3 cups of chicken stock and the Worcestershire sauce to pot. Bring to boil then reduce heat to simmer (number 2 or 3). Cover & cook for two hours, turning meat after the first hour.

Carefully remove meat from cooking liquid and place in a dish. Try not to break the meat up. Pour cooking liquid into a fat separator with strainer to catch onion, garlic and any loose pieces of meat

Pour strained onion and garlic from liquid over the meat.

Put the cooking liquid into the fridge and let sit until fat separates. Sometimes I will put everything, including the meat, in the fridge, leave it over night and finish off the dish the next day.

When the fat has solidified it will look like this....

And this....

Scrape off 3 tablespoons of the pork fat and discard the rest

Melt the fat on medium high (number 6-7) in a large sauce pan

Add the flour. I used all purpose gluten free flour here to keep the dish completely gluten free. Stir and cook for 5 or so minutes

Next, add all of the cooking liquid and stir

Then add the tasty pan scrapings

Stir in and bring to a boil

When boiling, add 1 cup of water and stir. Return to the boil then add the pork with the onions. I poured half of the gravy in a dish and reserved half of the pork for dinner the next day!

Stir in the pork, reduce heat until the gravy bubbles gently and cook until the pork is heated through

It has been 15 minutes and the pork is warmed and ready to plate.

Serve with your favorite sides. I made southern style smoky collard greens (see my latest snapguide) and creamy mashed turnips. Enjoy the best roast pork ever!

Watch the video: Lazy Mans Pork Chops In Brown Sauce (October 2021).