How to make veggie rice

How to make veggie rice

Ingredients --

Smash garlic :) Take all your anger out!

Remove skin

Dice one, leave the others large

Olives are my favorite :)

Slice into rings

I used the Flora artichokes with stems

Slice in half

Then into quarters

Isn't my tomato red? If I were Snow White I would have preferred a poisoned tomato


Heat oil in pan then sauté garlic

Brown artichokes with parsley (I used basil because I'm out of parsley, but it would be better with parsley)

Add olives!

Then tomato and sauté. Drizzle with olive oil and set aside to wait for rice

Brown rice in preheated (dry) pan. I used basmati because it's so delicious!

I decided to use my leftover scallions from my Asian short ribs recipe (check that one out too and let me know what you think!)

Remove part of white end and slice the rest

When rice is browned add scallions, olive oil and water to cover rice (at high heat)

Stir constantly and add water as needed until rice is done, then pour directly over vegetables; continue to stir over low heat to incorporate the flavors

Dress with whatever you'd like (Parmesan would be great, but I'm out - so I used soy). As always like, comment or follow me for more recipes :) Thanks for visiting!

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