How to bake a mix between mudcake, cheesecake and brownie

How to bake a mix between mudcake, cheesecake and brownie


Butter springform and add cane sugar so nothing gets stuck after baking.

Melt butter.

Add the dark chocolate.

Stir until it melts. Then put it aside.

Coarsely chop the cashews.

Take the cream cheese...

...divide one of the eggs into yolk and white...

...add the yolk to the cream cheese and mix!


Take the cane sugar and add the white. Stir. Preferably not with a whisk since it didn't really work.

Add the two remaining eggs. With spoon.

Add the chocolate and butter mix. And stir. Again.


Add nuts.

And flour.

And the candy. Which is Swedish and probably not something you will find in other countries. It is a candy which is some kind of marshmallow which is covered with chocolate. Use 50 grams.

Put the batter in the springform. Make sure to spread it so it covers the bottom of the form.

Put dollops of the cream cheese mix on top of the batter and use a spoon to make a pattern with them.

Like so. I think.

Add the remaining 50 g of candy on top.

Put it in oven (175 degrees Celsius), which you should have turned on before, for 30 minutes.

Tadaaa! Done!

According to the recipe it should rest for a couple of hours (or overnight in fridge) and be served cold with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Haven't tried it before so I can't really say if it is good or not. But it is probably awesome. Try it!

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