How to make diy bb cream

How to make diy bb cream

Do you have foundation that is just too light for your skin? Or maybe you just can't find that perfect shade of bb cream well I am here to help!

Gather your supply's the sunscreen wasn't pictured

Start by adding your foundation

Mix in moisturizer and sunscreen

Add bronzer

Test your cream on your hand to make sure it's the right shade

Honestly you just have to eyeball it if it is too light still add more bronzer. Too dark add more moisturizer

Some optional add ins are vitamin e oil to give it a long shelf life. And Carrot oil to help heal acne scars. This cream is so much better for your skin than foundation so give it a try:)

Put in in a container and done:)


Watch the video: DIY BB Cream. How to Make BB Cream at Home. Makeupmagique (October 2021).