How to create 3 simple hairstyles for the fall time

How to create 3 simple hairstyles for the fall time

For all of these hairstyles start out by brushing your hair and dampening it a bit. Then, apply a conditioning mist or shine mist for that glossy hair look.

For the first hairstyle, start out by pulling your hair into two separate sections.

Now, twist each section. When you twist the second section you will have to put the first hair piece in your mouth to keep it in place.

Lastly, twist both of the sections together, tie it, and finish off with some hairspray! I recommend this hairstyle for a bite to eat or shopping. This also looks cute with a scoop neck tee and jeans.

For the second hairstyle, start out by separating your hair into 3 sections.

Now, braid each section and tie it off.

Then, braid all the sections together and tie off with a tie once more. Apply hairspray. This hairstyle is for the most casual of events such as running errands or hanging out with some friends.

For the last hairstyle, start out by gathering your hair to one side and picking up an one inch section of hair.

Braid that section, and pull your hair to the back of your head.

Now, twist all of your hair to form the shape of a bun.

Just tie it off and apply hairspray and your done. This is the most put together of all of the hairstyles and looks great with a turtleneck sweater on a date or out to dinner.

There's your finished hairstyles! Comment below your favorite hairstyle of the three, I would love to know! Stay tuned for a fall makeup look guide that would go perfect with these hairstyles.

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