How to rework your old booties

How to rework your old booties

Grab a pair of booties.

These are Top Shop booties from a few years ago.

My goal is to cut off all the stained edges.

Fold the top in to desired height.

This is the height I chose for my re-work.

Front view

Grab your chalk and start marking along the top.

Unfold and this is what it will look like.

Grab a ruler and mark another line half an inch above the original line.

Start cutting away.

Once it's cut all the way around, pull the lining away from the fabric. Go about an inch down. If there is any lining or extra strips in between, just snip it off.

When you have completely separated the fabric from the lining, grab your Mod Podge.

Apply glue to the inside of the fabric and fold down.

Wait an hour for it to set. You can add clips to make it hold.

Fold the lining in so that it is slightly lower than the outside fabric. Add Mod Podge to seal the lining to the outer fabric.

Add your clips and let it sit over night.

And voila! My finished project!

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