How to make whipped coconut oil hair mask

How to make whipped coconut oil hair mask

Start by heating a pot of water on high

Note: the reason you melt it over the stove and not in the microwave is so that it will not re harden

Half a cup of coconut oil

Make sure to put it in a metal bowl

Add it to your pot of hot water it's about half melted

Take it out of the water

Grab your olive oil or jojoba oil and add two tablespoons


Set in the freezer for 10-15 minutes it should be hard on the top but when you touch it underneath should still be liquid

The top

Grab a hand mixer and whisk on low for two minutes until is has this kind of consistency

Then just spoon it into a jar

This should be enough for 2-5 masks depending on how much hair you have. Then just work it all over your hair, let it sit in your hair for around 10 minutes then rinse in the shower :)

Then enjoy your soft silky hair️

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