How to make cream imagawaki (ch. 車輪餅, eng. wheel cake)

How to make cream imagawaki (ch. 車輪餅, eng. wheel cake)

Combine egg, pastry flour, sugar & corn starch in a large bowl. Blend with whisk

In another bowl combine and heat milk and butter.

Combine flour mixture with milk & butta. Stir stir stir while maintaining medium low heat. Low is better since this batch burned a little. Oops.

Stir until thick and creamy ~10 minutes. Set aside.

For the cake wheels, combine milk and eggs. Blend.

Add Mirin, sugar, butter

More pastry flour. Whisk whisk whisk. Also vanilla extract and baking powder.

Batter should be neither too thick nor thin.

Wheel cake maker with her friends Batter and Cream Filling.

Out of filling so we're making mini pancakes :)

After 20 minutes or so, the wheel cake maker cranked out these bad boys. Recipe makes ~12

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