How to do a stag leap

How to do a stag leap

Step 1: Make sure you have stretched out your legs, and whatever else you need to stretch out.

Step 2: There are two ways to do a stag leap,a front and side. We are going to start with the front leap. Start with your feet in fourth position.

Step 3: Put your arms in a "L" position, left arm out straight, right arm to the right.

Step 4: Go down in a pliƩ.

Step 7: Make sure you keep your feet turned out.

Step 8: Once landed your sashay, step forward with your left foot.

Step 9: When stepping with your left foot, bend your arms into a broken "T" hands in blades.

Step 11: Bring your arms up into a high "V" hands in blades.

Step 12: Make sure your toes are pointed and hips are turned out as far as they can go.

Step 14: Land with your right foot first, then left foot calmly following, they should be turned out, and arms down at your side.

Step 15: You can also do the same with your feet switched, so start with your feet turned out, right foot behind, left foot in front, and do the same steps just different feet.

Step 17: Now starting a side stag leap. Start with your left foot pointed to the side.

Step 18: Have arms in a "L" right arm forward, left arm to the side, hands in blades.

Step 20: Make sure you plea in your shenae, along with spotting. Spotting is looking at one spot while you turn.

Step 21: Instead of stopping at the end of your shenae, bring legs into the same position before, knees pointing towards the right. Right leg will be bent. Make sure your toes are pointed.

Step 22: Arms in high "V".

Step 25: Bring your arms down.

Step 26: You can also do the same with your legs the opposite way, left foot pointing forward, leg straight, right foot to the right, leg straight.

Step 27: Arms in a "L" left arm straight forward, right arm to the right.

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