How to create a jack o'lantern for halloween

How to create a jack o'lantern for halloween

We purchased a medium size pumpkin with a balanced base so it doesn't wobble.The very 1st step would be to run warm water over the pumpkin to remove dirt and then wipe dry.

Cut a circle into the top of the pumpkin large enough to put your whole hand inside and use the stem as your center.(Ask an adult for help)

Remove all the pulp and seeds from inside of the pumpkin by using a large spoon and pumpkin scoop that comes with a carving kit.This gets messy so use a bowl or bag to toss the guts into for disposal.

Your pumpkin should be smooth on the inside, free of seeds and pulp.

There are kits that come with designs but it's more fun to use your imagination.Make the outline for your face with a washable marker, the excess marks can be wiped off easily with a wet paper towel.

Starting with the smallest carving knife in your kit, cut slowly along the lines that you've drawn on your pumpkin.After all the lines have been cut, put your hand inside and push the pieces out.

After trimming the lines and sculpting the eyes, nose and mouth you will now have your Jack O'Lantern.

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