How to stop coughing

How to stop coughing

All you need to stop your caughing is just a bottle of Vaporizing Chest Rub (can be attended in any pharmacy) and a pair of warm socks or sockets.

First, open the bottle of Chest Rub and rub it on one of your feet slowly. Make sure that the Chest rub is equally rubbed on everyplace of your foot.

Next, rub it on your other foot the same way you did with the other. The mint in the chest rub will relax your foot and this will make your caughing stop.

Now, wear your socks or sockets on both o your feet. This will help the Chest Rub to stay on your foot and keep it warm.

And that's it! In 5-10 minutes your caughing will stop. Perfect solution for your endless caughs. Take care of yourself, and get well soon.

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