How to bake pear pie

How to bake pear pie

Cinamon, butter, pears, sugar, 1 egg, flour (only for work in the table), cardamom, puff paste, a pan, mini coockie cutters, kitchen brush, kitchen roll,

Cut the pelled pear

Heat the pan and add some butter like 2 table spoon

Add the pear, then add 5 table spoon sugar, when get golden and the pear is soft turn off

Put some flour in the kitchen roll and table

Cut the puff paste with the mold as the same size

Cover and cut another one for cover

Fill the pie


Cover and make small holes with a fork and set the decorations as you wish

Brush the scrambled egg

Add some sugar

Oven about 30 min or still the smell go around the kitchen......

When get golden check if the puff paste are ready....

Let get warm

Decorate & Enyoy!!!!!!........ :)

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