How to make homemade body butter

How to make homemade body butter

Put all ingredients except essential oil in a bowl

Transfer to a glass bowl for double boiler or you can microwave the plastic bowl

It's starting to melt

As soon as it's clear of solids put mixture in the fridge

It's starting to solidify

Almost ready

This is the consistency you want

It's almost solid so it's ready to whip


Add essential oils now

Keep whipping

When it forms stif peaks it's ready

I packaged in small containers to give away but you can put it in anything you like

Package any way you like. If your house is above 75 degrees it will melt so I keep mine in the fridge. You can always whip it up again too. Enjoy your soft skin!!! Xoxo

Ps this works great as a makeup remover too!! It nourishes your skin before washing!

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