How to make a card holder using old cds

How to make a card holder using old cds

Do you have loads of old CDs or DVDs that you no longer need? Me too! Here I'm going to show you a nifty thing to do with them that isn't just using one as a coaster!

First, take your disc and put it on the decorative paper. Draw around it so you have a circle.

Do this twice and cut the circles out.

Now cover your disc in Pritt Stick, making sure you go right to the edges.

Stick the paper circle onto the disc. Repeat for the second disc.

Now you have two delightful patterned discs.

Now it's time to stick the discs together. Follow the instructions on your glue and make sure you only glue halfway up the disc.

Leave to dry. This may take a while depending on your glue. I left mine over night to be on the safe side.

And you're ready to go. Just pop your cards in and play!

I hope you liked my guide and I'd love to read any comments. Especially if you give it a go yourself!

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